Posted by: Amanda | January 17, 2006

Will I Dance for you Lord?

Emily had her first practice with her new dance studio today. Joan Izzo is a Christian woman who teaches children the art and beauty of dance and how it relates to excellence and worship.

Emily started dance lessons with a teacher registered with the Royal Academy of Dance when she was two, just because we were lucky enough to live in an area where this woman taught in accessible areas. Then when we moved to San Diego she had lessons with the San Diego Academy of Dance. So in addition to the fun little classes where they came to her school, she has had some sound instruction.

But she was very little. And she wanted to try other things. So we let her. And she keeps coming back to Ballet. Since November she has taken to wearing her ballet slippers constantly. She hasn’t had classes or practice since we moved last summer. But when she says I wan’t to play, I watch her moving her feet and attempting arabesques and pliets.

So here we are again. Found the studio that will bring it to the joy of dance and keep the solid and proper execution.

Tonight as I sat outside the studio door to Emily’s Ballet I/II class, I couldn’t help but smile. The music coming through the door was wonderful. I heard much encouragement from the teacher, and excitement and eagerness from the girls. It sounded like SO MUCH FUN.

You see, I am not a dancer, nor an athlete. And Emily has always loved her dance classes because she loves to dance. She can’t help herself. It just comes out of her. When she is excited, her feet do a jig. But they always seemed like a lot of hard work. I was glad Em enjoyed the hard work, but it was instructors with a stick pounding out rythems. THey were nice people, good dancers. But SERIOUS. I guess I thought it was the cost for quality dance instruction (as opposed to classes where form is not highest, injuries happen at worst and at best the kids are dressed up and made up like little mtv adults).

But here is the standard of excellence in form and effort – and the joy of dance, and learning with building on children’s skills and developmental strength. It just comes down to fun. Em and I are both very happy girls tonight.


  1. Hi there.. my name is Christy and I got here from Stephanie’s blog .. I enjoyed your post tonight.. what a pretty little girl.. the Lord has given her a talent that she can use for Him… a form of worship.. God Bless!

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