Posted by: Amanda | January 30, 2006

Almost There

It has been a frustrating time, but I almost have my blog template where I want it. I liked the changes I made a couple weeks ago, but I was trying to put dividers between the posts and it got messed up and I couldn’t get them off. So I tried to change templates, but the next one that I chose was some sort of ‘package’ and I couldn’t change a lot. At least with my ‘no knowledge’ try it here approach to HTML. I got frustrated and changed the template about 6 times before I went back to the blogger basic ones and just gave up. I ignored the computer for a couple days and last night started putting it back together.

I am in a better place with it now.

I still need to:

1. Get that MrsFish graphic in the center of the header
2. Get the CSS color to stay on blue instead of purple in the links (I can get it there and see it in preview, but when it publishes it is back to purple).

I want to:

1. Expand the size of the main section so posts read more across
2. Add something more interesting to the side bar. Maybe one of those listof places/things etc thingys I like but have never figured out how to make work though I have registered. Or a mood thingy.
3. Get the ‘comments’ changed to chatting or some other personalized word. I did it once on that other template, but can’t seem to get it to work this time.

It might be worth it to:

1. find my archives
2. figure out why the links under blog family don’t list down. FIXED!!- thanks Kristina!

It would be nice to:
1. have some sort of tiny graphic or better font for the post title headers

I just can’t :

1. bring myself to use any blog service I have to pay for. I know its not cheap, but scrapbooking already costs me too much and blogs have lots of free things. I would rather have more than one blogroll, so I can see my blog family has updated like the main roll. But I was loosing you all in the growing list, and bottom line I go to you first.


  1. it’s been a while since i’ve used Blogger but I’d be happy to take a look at things for you if you like. Just let me know.

  2. Under “My Blog Family” you should be able to make the names go up and down by using and the front of the name, and then at the end. (no spaces between

  3. Thanks Kristina! That worked. I was really just processing. I didn’t expect so much help so quick. You guys are great.

  4. Wow Patricia. I am touched and honored at your offer. Your site is absolutely beautiful and I always enjoy your changes 🙂

    How does that work, do I make you a team member or cut and paste my template information to email it to you?

  5. whatever makes you comfortable. i’d prefer the team member thing as an admin to avoid the going back and forth but i’ll certainly understand if you’d prefer to just email me your template.

  6. No problem!

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