Posted by: Amanda | February 28, 2006

Tuesdays are Exciting.

Tuesdays are full back pack days. It is the day each week that a whole packet of materials come home from school; flyers, newsletters, samples of completed work, art projects, PTA information. Report cards come home in the packet as well when it is that time of year. Tuesday is also Library day for Em’s class.

I always like to see what two books Emily chose. These are often our bedtime reading stories, but sometimes here choices tell me other things about her day. When she comes home with science and weather related books, I know she pre determined what she wanted. When she comes home with chapter books she has no interest in, I know she was feeling peer pressure to pick up what another kid was choosing. When she comes home with very easy picture books I know she was feeling either lazy or down about her skills. When she comes home with a book in Spanish I know she just grabbed whatever was closest and easiest.

Today was especially exciting though.

When I pulled this out of her back pack,

She YELLED! – “Mom! I can READ THAT BOOK! Want to see!?!”

Of course, I replied. She sat down and read 34 pages to me without stopping. No coercing, no struggling. Just the plain joy of reading, of loving the story, of feeling confident.

Now the vocabulary is a bit below the reading level that she is capable of, and which she strives for in her normal ‘take home reading’ but I don’t care. She was happy about it.

That is all I hope for. I was so excited about the whole thing I got the response: “Mom, You are WEIRD.”


  1. YEAH EMILY!!!!! That is awesome!!!!!! Gotta love those moments especially the weird comments! I get those too!

  2. Our day is Thursday, my favorite day of the week.
    Oh I have given up on the weird thing, not only do I get weird, I get the your are so old and the teenage eyeroll, my personal favorite.

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