Posted by: Amanda | March 2, 2006

Three Things Thursday

Three Things from Three Years Ago. Wow. March 2, 2003 was the day my family’s life changed the most.

1. We left the home we had lived in the longest since marrying. After 6 years in the Palm Springs, Ca area, we put all of our belongings in storage. Emily, my mom and I boarded a plane headed for Baltimore. Ben had left the day before to drive our car across country. I was on a 120 day detail at the governments expense. I was going to have another 120 detail somewhere (maybe riverside Ca?) after that but I didn’t know for sure where (it turned out to be San Diego). And when the Leadership program that I was in ended in September – I didn’t know where we would be living or what position I would hold. Ben had been staying home full time with Emily for about a year and was now in the process of applying for his first position in his current field of employment

2. We were excited about the possibilities and the new experiences. We wanted to see as much of the east coast as possible, because we were thought – when would we ever have the opportunity to be here for such an extended period of time.

3. Emily was enrolled in a preschool on the campus of the agency I work for. It was high quality, affordable, and within walking distance of where I spent my day. I would meet her for lunch.

Little did I know the period that began three years ago today would not be just one crazy life altering leap of faith – but the beginning of several in a series to lead us from the Deserts of California to Baltimore Maryland to San Diego, California and back to the East coast in Virginia. Ben and I have each had two major job changes and Emily four different schools.


  1. WOW! I remember all of this but when you put it all down like that it really brings it all back! I remember all of the…here are my numbers etc. when Gracie is born! LOL!!!!

  2. Yes! I remember I was at work in Baltimore when you called me from your car at the hospital!

    Ben and I were talking the other day about a trip to Nordstroms to find that super soft blanky in Towsons (I hate Towsons) LOL.

    Also, it really hadn’t dawned on me how risky the whole plan was until I was emailing with you on my webtv (LOL) late one night.

    The constancy of your friendship has made a lot of this more secure for me.

  3. Wonderful memories!

  4. What great memories!!

    They’ve left me wondering if your line of work is simular to my husbands, since you mentioned most of the places he used to travel for work, although he also went overseas (Amsterdam, Prauge, almost went to Singapore, but that trip was cancelled due to 9/11)–>

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