Posted by: Amanda | March 26, 2006


The munchkin lies in bed beside me, her temperature reaching 102.1

On Friday night she responded to the motrin and woke up Saturday her normal self. She played, rode her scooter, helped her Dad and I work on the backyard. By dinner the fever was back. Again Motrin brought it down.

This morning she woke up fine, but I insisted she stay down and rest. The fever was starting to creep up again, but recalling my favorite pediatrician telling me that the fever is the body fighting the infection and as long as she is drinking fluids and not feeling poorly it is sometimes good to let a low grade fever go. She laid down for a nap in bed beside me while I finished my book.

She shivered in her sleep even as her brows turned brighter pink. So motrin it is again. We will keep the fever down with motrin tonight and cool baths if necessary and call the doctor in the morn. If the motrin stops working or the fever goes up, it will be a trip to the emergency room I fear.

Her feet are cold to the touch.


  1. Oh, I hope she is better now. Hopefully that fever will fight it off.

  2. Makes my heart hurt to think of it. Poor little sweetie. I will pray for her and you. It’s hard on a mommy’s heart to see her baby like that!

  3. So sorry Em is sick. I know what it’s like to monitor a feverish kid. Been there recently.

    From everything I’ve heard and read, though, you don’t really need to be concerned unless her fever is up in the high 104 range and you can’t find any way to get it to come down. No sense in dragging her to the ER for less than that, even though it is hard to see a little one sick.

  4. How is that sweetie girl today?

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