Posted by: Amanda | March 30, 2006


Emily just asked me: “Mom, do you know the Macarena?”

Apparently they taught it to her in a combined PE/Music class at school today.

Scarier – I had to say yes, then we did the Macarena together.

The 80s were fun and interesting.

1996 I can live without.


  1. Funny!

  2. Oh the Macarena! That is too funny! I would have to answer yes as well! LOL!!!

  3. Didn’t someone ban the Macarena from existence? They should… before my 16 month old knows what it is and asks me to join along!

  4. I love that! I wonder what other things (not counting the personal ones in our own lives) we could do without about 1996. I’ll have to look back! Thanks for the smile this evening…

  5. Hehehehe – that’s so great! When she’s in high school, they will probably have 90’s day, too. Ain’t that sad?

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