Posted by: Amanda | April 11, 2006

A Week of Spring

This week has been the proverbial breath of fresh air.  The sun is out.  The munchkin is happy beyond all belief, playing outside all day with a gaggle of kids.  My work schedule is more normal because of the camp hours.  I am actually accomplishing measurable things at work.  A few crises have worked out.  Family is still ill, but no one is in the hospital or in a critical stage.

All three of us have been in a good mood.

Now we just need to do two major things.

Get our hearts and minds focused on holy week

and get our taxes done.


  1. SO….it’s looking like your sticking around here or are you still in the wait and see phase? Just wondering so I know what to do with my links! Your other blog still looks fine to me.

    I’m glad your having a nice week! It is so nice when everyone is in sync and happy moods!

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