Posted by: Amanda | April 14, 2006

A Good Friday

I took the day off work today for Good Friday.  It has been a relaxed day so far, if not truly focused on the meaning of the day.  We all slept in and took our time getting ready.  Em has the last day of spring break camp and would not consider missing it for anything.  She has been so happy with full days of kids and playground equipment.  We all went to IHOP for breakfast together before dropping her off at school. 

Ben had to be in court today.  It is still funny because everytime I said that to family they were like – why?  He is in court on the other side of the experience LOL.  He is on official duty.  And it is overtime, always a good thing.

So I took the dog to the dog park.  For the first 1/2 hour we were the only ones there and I threw a tennis ball and she chased it.  Then just as a few sprinkly rain drops started a couple other dogs and their families started trickling in.  Zoe played a bit more this time, but kept running between my legs.  But she was smiling and playing and wagging her tail and going off to initiate smelling and chasing  the dogs bigger than her, so it was good.  Then one of the dogs more her size kept chasing her and the standing up fur on her back went all up and down her back, not just her shoulders and she was shaking a bit when she got in between my legs, so I figured it was time to go.  She got on her leash willingly and licked my hands in the car.  Happy Dog.  Stopped at the Library on the way home and now I am alone in the house.

What am I doing, email and blog of course.  Zoe is laying exhausted in my lap.

 I need to boil eggs, do some laundry, get to Walmart for the chocolate bunnys and jelly beans etc.  And I need to decide if we are going to the church we had been attending tonight or another one.  We haven't been to church in a month and have pretty much decided to look for another church where we have more hope of getting connected and involved.  I hate feeling like I am one of those people who only show up at church on Christmas and Easter. 

Emily got her easter sandals she wanted.  She loves them.  Cork heels and macrame straps.  I keep cringing at the 1977-ness of them.  That is the only concession we have made to the Easter Parade of clothes this year and I am determined not to let the fact we have nothing to wear stop us from going.  It is cold out anyway so all spring stuff wouldn't have been OK anyway.  I think we are going to sunrise service on Sunday.  Might try the Lutheran Church tonight and the Presbyterrian Saturday service tommorrow and then "our old church" – Baptist on Sunday.  I really didn't know how good I had it at Mission Valley Church of the Nazarene.  I wish there was a Nazarene Church closer. 

Anyway, I think I will take a nap or lay down and read before heading to Walmart for easter basket supplies, since I have all this quiet.  Maybe take a bubble bath.  I will pick Em up at 6pm (she has begged me each night to let her stay later) and we will quickly change and head to whatever service I decide on.

Tomorrow Ben and Em will color Easter eggs and I will sneak in a few photos while I am on the other side of the room doing our taxes like a naughty little procrastinator put on detention for her bad behavior (I know I could do them today, but then where would the Ultimate procrastination be, and what a waste of quiet alone time).

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