Posted by: Amanda | April 30, 2006


I am filled with emotion.  Many of them conflicting.  I am first of all proud.  Today, the months of practice ,and Dad running behind holding on, paid off.  Emily can now ride her bike, sans training wheels, sans Mom or Dad.


So, here I am.  How many times have I said it before?  But it feels more real each time.  There is no more baby, no more todder, no more little girl.  She is just girl.

Now Ben and I have to talk about boundaries.  From this corner to that.  We still need to be outside with her.  She turns 7 in two months.  It is still so little.  I remember at 9, my mom's friend Marge convinced her I was old enough to go all the way around the block.  But this is a different world.  I can not let her out of my sight.  She will never have the long summer days that Ben and I reminisced about tonight at the dinner table.  THe ones where you go outside at 9 am in the morning and play outside until hunger drives you back in for lunch, or dinner, or when the street lights come on. 

Riding a bike is a milestone.  Of achievement.  But also of mobility, of freedom.  We as her parents need to decide on the boundaries of that freedom.  To encourage her to feel it, exalt in it, grow strong in it.  But keep her safe in it.  Maybe by Jr. High she will ride her bike to a destination with a gaggle of friends.

It is a complicated milestone.

But first off, I am proud. 


  1. Congratulations to Emily! After watching my son and several of his friends learn to ride on 2 wheels, I know that look of satisfaction! The boundaries thing is a tough one; wanting them to feel free and have fun, but keeping them safe. I’m still figuring that one out with my 9 year old…you may remember all my ventings about that issue from last fall! We seem to have a pretty good system going now, but I wonder how it will be this summer.

  2. Way to go Em!!!! It’s hard for me to believe as well! To think when we met she was only a year old!!!! Your growing up so much Miss Emily!

  3. Just wait til she is getting ready to drive!! My oldest counts down daily the months/days until she will be able to get her drivers license (7 months and 3weeks as of today). She has this strange way of thinking that I am just going to hand over my keys when she gets her license and say “see ya”. Boy does she have a rude awakening coming!! Heck, I didnt let her go around the block alone until she was 12yrs old (and even then it wasnt me who let her go, it was my mom). How can she think I will let her drive alone?!!

  4. what great pictures. I’m glad your little girl rides that bike now.

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