Posted by: Amanda | May 26, 2006

Emily’s Three Things Thursday on Fav Foto Friday


1.  Emily is obsessed with the Animal planet channel.

2.  Emily would rather ride her bike than do most anything including eat, sleep or watch animal planet.

3.  Emily loves to read, AND we will be paying $60 an hour to a reading specialist to ensure she continues to come  up to grade level in her reading.  (So much for my belief that if you read to them. read yourself, and they love to read that the ability would follow with a good regular education.  Replaced with my new belief that reading specialists are miracle workers.  At least the one at Emily's school is.)



  1. Am I reading this correctly? Are you saying you have to pay $60/hr. for the reading specialist at Em’s school to work with her? Gulp. I guess I really love my small town. A reading specialist, if needed, comes free with the education around these parts.

  2. My Jillian is also obsessed with the Animal Planet… especially “The Most Extreme” she has to watch it every night at 7. She even does the whole intro in this spooky voice, its cute.

  3. Sherry, – no – the reading specialist at the public school is not a direct cost to me. But she and I both agree, Em needs the extra help to continue the progress she has made.

    We were at Borders today. I look for titles that I can pick up at the library, but Kids books I buy. Em was looking at toddler number counting and pop up books which are too expensive and not her age range. I was looking at step into readings, easy readers level one and two. I brought one to her that looked good. She seemed to like it and opened it up and started, but the first word she hit that she didn’t know and couldn’t easily sound out she closed it and with distress said, I can’t read it. I said Mom would read it to her first and we could practice at home. She didn’t want it.

    While I am thankful for the support and expertise of the educators at school, I am a bit distressed that I can’t seem to do right when it comes to books. Teacher and Reading Specialist think it might be too much pressure to please mom in mom’s area of expertise. I don’t know I am doing something wrong.

    I believe what I read that whatever she gets excited about reading should be OK (appropriate) and it doesn’t have to be great literature and all. I just have a hard time with buying $20 counting books, or her other choice was a Jr. High reading level book on Pirates that there was no way she could even try, and it was all black with a skull with a red gemstone in the eye. Uhh… Don’t think so.

    This was not a challenge of parenting I expected.

  4. Wendi – That is cute. Em loves the dog shows, (boring!) and funniest pets, and the more “sciency” ones about insects and such.

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