Posted by: Amanda | June 14, 2006


It seems the daycare center is addressing the situation as best I could hope

  • they informed the boy's parents
  • they interviewed the staff
  • they are still working to identify the party involved (Em wasn't sure of the teachers name and hasn't been back)
  • they assured me they will have two teachers in every room at least until they find out who was involved and take appropriate action.  If for some reason they don't have the staff (late in the evening when most kids have gone home) one of the directors will watch.
  • they won't discuss the incident with Emily unless Ben or I am present
  • they will work to ensure Em doesn't feel pressure and/or is not retaliated against.

So, even though I am nervous, I am in a jam for tomorrow, so Em is going back.  I have a friend who works nearby and will be "on call" while I am in Baltimore.

On another note, Emily did not continue her ballet lessons after she was sick last Easter.  Another girl took her place in the recital.  I got the call yesterday to pick up the costume (I had already paid for it when it was ordered at the beginning of the semester.  The studio owner said she would allow Emily in to either class (the one the dance teacher and I would like her to take, or the tap one Em wants) in the fall even though we missed registration.  She asked us to pray about it and get back to her in August.

The costume is beautiful, but when we got home and Em put it on, oh my goodness – she IS the flower… 


  1. a wonderful, glorious little flower indeed.

    *courage* my friend.

  2. beautiful picture

  3. I’m glad that they are taking your concerns very seriously. It sounds like they are doing everything they can to reach a conclusion that everyone can be satisfied with. How does Em feel about going back? Is this one of those things where she is a little unaware of the seriousness of the situation? I’ll keep praying for your family!

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