Posted by: Amanda | July 3, 2006

On Turning Seven

Tomorrow my baby turns seven years old.  But then you are not a baby anymore, are you?  How has the time passed so quickly?

Each day I look at you and I see the beauty that you are.  You radiate a compassionate soul.  You continue to bring such joy to Daddy and I, just by being who you are.

At seven, you love to learn facts about how things work or why things mean what they do.  You are proud of your accomplishments, and only hesitate when you fear not doing something perfectly.  You are otherwise fearless and full of vitality.

You love to make other people laugh and you find different ways to make the people in your life laugh.  For me, all it takes is for you to smile and laugh yourself and I can’t hep but join in.

Your most favorite past time is to ride your bike, but you also like to draw, color, or paint.  You love Dr. Seuss books and can read Green Eggs and Ham and Go Dog Go independently.  Playing outside with friends is also very high on your list of best ways to spend a day.  Our dog Zoe is your best friend.  You call her your sister.

Your favorite foods still include macaroni and cheese, watermelon, but have expanded to include a passion for chinese BBQ pork, and shrimp in any form.  Your favorite colors are still red and purple, but you have also added a passion for pink. 

There is so much to who you are.  I want to remember every detail.  You are growing up so fast.  I love spending time with you; love seeing how you interpret the world around us.

You are unique and precious, happy birthday my darling girl.  I thank God for blessing me with the joy of being your mom.


  1. HAPPY 7TH BIRTHDAY EMILY GIRL! I join in with the wondering of how time has passed so quickly??? How can you be 7 years old already? I met you when were only 1! WOW! Love ya little girl! Have a wonderful day!

  2. Happy Birthday Emily!

  3. happy birthday, Em!

    have a wonderful year…

  4. Happy Birthday, Sweet Em. I look forward to meeting you.

  5. I realize this is a bit late (I was in Canada for 4 days) but HAPPY BIRTHDAY — we share the same one. How cool is that?

  6. Just came across your website, my oldest, another Emily is also 7 on 24 July. The girls could be twins they are so much alike from your words! Happy Birthday to your Emily, from my Emily in Sydney, Australia.

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