Posted by: Amanda | July 12, 2006

Another kind of found…And Missing You, my cyber friends

I am without a computer at home due to a burned out AC adaptor and gateway sending me the wrong replacement battery in exchange for my $88.

I found my cross necklace yesterday, at the bottom of the clean laundry in my closet.


  1. I hate when my computer is down. Gateway is never cheap on accessories, are they.

    Congrats on finding the cross. It’s nice to hear your voice. I know my own blog has gone off the theolog deep-end…into more and more obscure topics, but I am glad we’ve become online friends and hope things are good with you and Ben.

    I actually do remember you two, barely, from the old days at Ken and Kari’s.

    God’s love,


  2. hooray !
    i’m so glad you found it. and i love the postings you’ve done recently.
    thanks for opening this window into your world today. i’m glad the internet has brought us back in touch. 🙂

  3. yeah about the necklace. I’ll be waiting to see when you come back…

  4. I have missed you my friend!

  5. I don’t even know you but I am soooo glad you found that cross. I was very, very sad for you when it was lost and I’m so pleased that it has been restored to you!

    (sister to Jaymarie)

  6. It makes me so happy to see a new post from you!

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