Posted by: Amanda | July 16, 2006

The Most Glorious Day

Travelling with Emily is such a joy.  She is a pleasant and enjoyable companion, and this summer has seen more travelling than we normally do. 

Emily and I woke up this morning in a hotel in San Diego, booked on priceline Friday afternoon.  We had a party to go to at 1:30.  Instead of a lazy morning in a hotel room, we decided to fill the morning.  We got up and out at 7:30 for a quick jacuzzi at the hotel.  By 8 am we were back in the room for showers, packing and check out at 9.

We headed for Mission Beach and rented bikes.  We got matching purple rentals.  Sorry, I can’t post photos – mom’s computer doesn’t read my media, and I am still computerless at home.  Maybe someday though. 

Anyway, we rode around San Diego bay into Pacific Beach and stopped at a playground for a drink of water, a few pushes of the swing, a climb in a tree, and to put our feet in the bay.  Then we moved on to Crown Point and again stopped and visited the playground, listened to some steel drum music and again played in the sand and water.  We then rode back, crossing halfway to the boardwalk at Mission Beach. 

The sun was shining, the breeze was blowing; me and my girl were basking in the bonding as we pedaled and cruised.

After turning in the bikes, we stopped for a snow cone at Belmont Park and rode the bumper cars before walking back to the car at Mission Bay Park.

I love San Diego.

Then we headed to the best birthday party on the San Diego circuit.  Em’s still best friend S, has the annual slip n slide, and backyard blow up pool with water gun party there is. This year the addition of a trampoline just threw the kids into joy.  I sat in the shade and visited with my friends, S’ parents.

After the party Em and I had our favorite chicken together at Pick Up Stix and made a quick run to Tecolate shores for the park with the coolest teeter totter, before returning to Grandma’s in Cypress.

It was a perfect day.


  1. I’m glad that you two had the most wonderful day.

  2. Sounds like a great day, hun! I love visiting San Diego and MB!

  3. Definitely a glorious day!!!!!

    UMM…excuse me…I’m still waiting on my kudos for actually reading two novels!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!! You know I’m just kidding around with you! Well kind of!!! 😉

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