Posted by: Amanda | July 18, 2006

My Friend Gwen

I have a friend, whom I adore.  She is my real life friend, not a cyber friend, though we have never met face to face.  I know she could show up on my doorstep or I hers, and we would take care of each other whatever the need.  We talk on the phone in moments of great joy or worry (hurricanes and birth of children).

I am proud of her for many many reasons.  She wants me to be proud of her for reading some novels, and I am.  I am so proud, that she knows what is coming….I have to suggest authors she may love as much as her beloved Nicholas Sparks.  I am trying to restrain myself though.

You see, as one obsessed and consumed by reading fiction, when she says that (will insert link here later) she remembers why she doesn’t read more, because she neglects all else when she reads – my first response is – but that is the point!!

I just want her to know I am proud of her for finishing two Sparks novels, but  I also want to say I am proud of her, or proud of being her friend because…

She is:

 a loving mom

a loyal friend

a fellow scrapbooker

hopefully meeting me at Disneyworld in 2008,

dedicated to her family

stands by her brother in time of need

is honest with herself and those around her

and many more reasons, including her recent rediscovery of the joy of novels.

Now brace yourself Gwen,  you are going to get the email that starts, since you loved those…you have to read…..


  1. OH MY GOSH!!!! What can I say? I had no idea I would get an entire post!!! I’m in tears with what I have just read!

    You too are a dear and loyal friend! I am so humbled by your words. I want so much to write more but right now I am speechless! This post means more to me than you will ever know!

    I love you my friend…thank you!!!!!

  2. How precious! Gwen does seem like a wonderful person doesn’t she? She is so sweet!

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