Posted by: Amanda | July 19, 2006

Child – less and blessed

I know it is a misleading title, forgive me I am tired.

But I am without child tonight and I am realizing how blessed I am with so many truly dear friends. 

I just came home from dinner with my mom and our good friends in San Diego – the “V”s.  After hours of good conversation (and a lengthy wait for our food), when we parted ways, they took my child with them.  And Em couldn’t be more excited.

Two whole nights and full day with her best friend, S!  It is weird to be without Em for the duration of this trip, but I am happy for her.  I pick her up in the morning on the day we fly back home and I go back to being computer-less.

It has been all around me this summer – the dear friends that I have. Friends you feel good about leaving your kids with as a treat.  A new friend who treats me like an old friend, old friends who you meet again and it feels like you never left, and upcoming giggle girl time and friends where the friendship grows so steadily that you look up and five years is passed and noone in the world knows you as much as they do.

I am truly blessed.  My friends may be spread out across the states – but I do have some of the most interesting, caring, and fun friends.


  1. I am so glad you have enjoyed such friend time! It is wonderful isn’t it? I will miss you like crazy when you go back to being computerless. Could you please please please fix that issue just for me??? LOL!!!!! Again…just playing with ya! Well…kind of!

    Enjoy some quiet time alone while Em has a wonderful time with her friend!

  2. Isn’t it nice to have friends?

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