Posted by: Amanda | July 29, 2006

The Pool at Bull Run

We snuck in a little family time this morning before Ben headed off to work.  We jumped into bathing suits and headed over to the pool at Bull Run Regional Park.  It is amazing but Ben had never been able to go with us before.  Ben and Emily had races down the four story tube slides; we played marco polo, and had cannonball competitions.  It was good fun. 

At one point, as I was walking back from across the pool I heard Ben say – “are you struggling?”  As I looked around to see who or what he was looking at, the teenage lifeguard blew her whistle and dove into the pool.  Lifeguards from other stations rotated into her spot and more lifeguards arrived from some previously undetected place.  The little boys head never went underwater, but he was crying and flapping his arms, struggling to stay up.  When the lifeguard put her arms around him he burst into tears and then, and only then did Dad come around the corner from the other side of the play structure.

It was good to see the vigilance of the lifeguards, and it was a good wake up call for the parents I hope as the teenager instructed the Dad to keep the boy in the shallow end.  He was significantly younger than Em, probably 4 or 5.

As we left, the sign on the front desk had already been updated:  17 saves so far this summer; don’t let your kid become another statistic. 

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