Posted by: Amanda | July 31, 2006

Never so embarrased…

I am faithful about turning off my cell phone before I even leave the house for church on Sundays.  Yesterday while sitting in the pew listening to the sermon, I heard what sounded like a faint radio back feed.  I looked at my friend  “whats that?” look between us.  I thought – is one of the teens listening to an iPod.  As I looked around, the word iPod triggered?

I reached down for my purse under the pew in front of me.  Sure enough my iPod hold button hadn’t “held” and the volume was up so high that you could hear it through the earphones.

Oh My (its me!).  I quickly turned it off.  Luckily its a big church and I think only one or two pews could have possibly heard it.



  1. one of my worst nightmares is that i will leave my mobile on in church. now i am thankful to not have an ipod…

  2. OH NO! I am always afraid of that…..

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