Posted by: Amanda | August 12, 2006

Already – Almost Ready

I miss my dog (already)

We took her to the Kennel for our trip to Chicago.  We leave at 6 am tomorrow morning.  I am doing laundry and packing, mopping floors.  I miss her following me around and laying her head in my lap.

We are excited about the trip.  We get to see my sister T, and a city none of has been to. I am 85% prepared for my presentations.  The one that still needs work isn’t until Tuesday afternoon – so I will be working in the car the evenings. 

I should have lots of pictures when we return.  I will try and figure out why you all can’t see my photos.  If you can see them, please drop me a comment.

When I got home last night, there was a box of books in the mail.  One of my favorite authors, Dee Henderson sent out from a mailing list I am on, a box of the ‘prequel’ to the O’Malley series.  I ADORE the O’Malley series and couldn’t put them down.  It is Christian fiction – a bit romance, a bit of the adventure/thriller.  I highly recommend her.  I have handed out almost all of the paperbacks.  I have one reserved for Em’s cheer coach and two more.  So… if you run in to me… you might want to ask.  I think the last two may go quickly. 


  1. Now I wish I had come out this week to take care of Zoe, It makes me sad that you had to put her in a kennel,I though you had someone to take care of her while you were gone, she will be so sad, but mom isn’t doing well today, I hope she does better during the week, any way have fun, and don’t work to hard.

    Love to all of you


  2. I can see the photo of Em on the beach but it has text all over it (a blog list). If I click on the comments link I can see the post and the picture without anything on top of it. Don’t know why. Oh, and I’m using Internet Explorer. In Mozilla Firefox it appears just fine.

  3. My word. I don’t see anything but a white background on my computer using IE.

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