Posted by: Amanda | August 12, 2006

Spotlight on a Blogger and Inspiration for a Meme of Sorts

I have been reading cubbiegirl for awhile.  She took her blog down once and I missed her and rediscovered her just recently.  While I may not agree with every choice she makes in her life, I find her writing funny, frank and interesting.  Her relationship with her daughter and her concrete coaching style of parenting often gives me good stuff to think about.  So, if you are looking for a new blog to read, check her out.

Her latest series of posts, asks – What do I need/want to be happy.  Its kind of fun.  For me, I guess it is really more of a what makes me feel like my life in this world is good, secure, ok – happy.  I have added from the to be happy, need and added what I need in terms of who I am. 

What I need:

  • recreation time with my family – this is when we relax and enjoy each other and FEEL the love.
  • work that is challenging and engaging – I really struggle emotionally when I am bored and unchallenged.
  • a mix of stability and new adventures
  • friends who enjoy my company and whose company I enjoy.  You know the easy ones, you don’t have to think twice about wether you want to stop on the way home…
  • Someone to listen to the mundane details of my day.

Who I want to be-where I want to develop myself so that my life can be  the way I want it to be

  • develop self control/discipline.  There are areas in my life I  act irregularly or when I feel like it. I make choices based on the moment, not a regular activity, plan or for the long run.  It doesn’t need to be that way.  They are important areas (food, money, and time in bible study/prayer)
  • develop generosity with my time and dedication to follow through with my time.

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