Posted by: Amanda | August 27, 2006


While visiting Monticello, the guides and the programs quote bits of Jefferson, Franklin and Adams journals.  It has  inspired me to want to record a bit more of the mundane daily record.  I am not eloquent like many whose blogs I read, turning daily events into clever lists, or funny metaphors.  But I do think that in 20 years, I may be interested to read how many times I felt overwhelmed with the amount of work I had to get done before leaving for my speaking engagement, or that I went grocery shopping on Wednesdays.  Who knows, we all may be telecommuting in virtual workplaces and have self restocking refrigerators and find this blogging thing quaint.  I would really like a “captain’s log” where I can just speak into it as I am preparing for bed each night and have the computer record my words.  NO pictures though.  Would still need a blog and a public forum for that 🙂


  1. YES!!! These are the reasons I started my blog!!!!

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