Posted by: Amanda | September 2, 2006

Summer Wrap Up

We started summer with a train ride to California.  Four days across country, hangin out with my kid.  Saw my dad and step mom and did all our family traditions –  Em’s birthday -fourth of July parade, fair grounds and fireworks, Cameron Park Lake.  We also saw a community theatre production of “Your a Good Man Charlie Brown” and Em had her first Canoeing trip.  We attempted to bike ride along the American River, except it was 90 degrees and a bit more hilly than I can take and I overheated after 10 minutes.  We did street festivals in Folsom and played with the dogs.  A great visit.

Four days after returning home, we turned around and flew back to California, this time to the southern end of the state.  We hung out at concerts in the park with friends, we biked around Mission Bay, rode the bumper cars and ate shaved ice.  I presented at a conference and Em went with Grandma to the LA Zoo.  Em went back to friends in San Diego while my Mom and I drove around Long Beach like old times growing up.  We visited with family and friends in a whirl wind week.

We came home and did the camp thing for three weeks, then Ben and Em and I went to Chicago.  We met my sister, explored the city, arts and festivals.  Again my presentation at a conference.  We drove to Notre Dame on the way home, marking off another of Ben’s “before I die” list items by buying a Notre Dame football shirt from the campus.

We tubed down the Shenandoah (where Ben lost his Notre Dame shirt) and got the sunburns of our lives, but also 6 1/2 hours of uninterupted family hanging out without distractions time.

My mom arrived here in Virginia and we met up with my brother while visiting Thomas Jefferson’s home Monticello – marking off one of the items on my “before I die” list.  I found a personal truism in one of Jefferson’s famous quotes  “I can not live without books”.

We planned to finish off the summer by spending today at the Shenandoah County Fair.  But alas, this is Virginia – not the California desert and we were rained out (In August!! – This CA girl at heart still can’t get over it).

So, tomorrow is cleaning out closets and organizing school clothes (backpack has long been packed and stored) and a bit of roller skating. 

I don’t know if we will do something on Labor day… It feels like their should be a barbeque or something.  If this summer hadn’t been so full, perhaps I would have organized something in the neighborhood.  I am starting to feel all little ms. coordinator again, now that I finally feel like I am getting my feet solid underneath me again.  But then again, perhaps  1/2 of team mom is probably just enough committment for me right now, considering my flaky and isolationist year that I have just come off.

Happy Labor day, friends.  Welcome Autumn!


  1. Well sounds like you’ve had a fun time so maybe staying home would be relaxing during labor day!

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