Posted by: Amanda | September 13, 2006

A Sign of Overload?

I took Em to cheer practice tonight and met up with my friend whose daughter is also on the squad.  I had arranged for her to keep an eye on Em during practice and then drop Em off at the school because I had back to School night tonight.  I was getting ready to leave when another mom heard me and said – OH?  Name of SchooL?  Us to, but our grade is tomorrow.  “Oh, what grade is E in?” and she said Second… A bit of panic for both of us ensued as she called home and I went to my car to find the reminder paper that came home in yesterday’s packet.

I was wrong.

It is tomorrow night.

Oh well. 

 She saved me from sitting through the PTA pitch for the 1st, 3rd and 5th graders, only to go to my classroom and find noone there.

So, this week is one night even busier. (no nights home free).

I will make it through September.

Oh, and the pastor of the church that we visited on Sunday called me today.  I think I might have irritated him, though he didn’t show it.  Work is explosive right now and I couldn’t remember his last name.  So, I kept calling him Pastor, even though I know the congregation calls him Dr. H

Gotta go get the girl in bed.

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