Posted by: Amanda | September 14, 2006

Back to School Night

I like the teacher. She is great.  Does anyone know what the “word study” approach to spelling is all about?  Something about looking for patterns in words.  It sounds like phonics, but I am not very trusting.

Em’s seat has already been moved.  For talking I assumed.  Teacher did not confirm.  When I got home, Em did.


  1. I always got in trouble for talking…..


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  3. Hope talks too much too!! Maybe it’s a girl thing you think??? LOL!

  4. We use “word study” for spelling also. It is like phonics, grouping the spelling words
    with the same letters, ie…cat, bat, rat, sat, chat, brat, etc.

    Teachers also change kids seats alot the first few weeks of school. Grated, talking
    is a big thing, but also because kids don’t get along, or they can’t see the board,

    Kids make new friends by talking in school!!

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