Posted by: Amanda | September 21, 2006

Three Things Thursday – the wondering edition

  • I get a great deal of pleasure out of watching this twirly copper wind chime thing that hangs in my neighbors back yard.  I can see it out my back window from my couch.  I just stare at it and it relaxes me.  But it is something that if I saw it in a store, I would never consider buying.  I wonder why that is.
  • I made little cocktail weiners wrapped in crescent rolls for Em for lunch today.    A few months ago, my friend V had Em over to play with her daughter A, and she made them and Em loved them.  I loved them as a kid but had never made them for Em.  I wonder why that is.
  • I am a very affectionate person.  I am effusive with my praise.  My dog, my kid and my husband are all needy for my attention.  I wonder why that is.


  1. The first time I made “pigs-in-a-blanket” for my kids, I was so excited. I was thinking that they were so cute and the kids would think they were great and that I was great for making them. They hated them. I was so bummed! I still like ’em though!

    (I played TTT)

  2. ANTM premiered Wednesday night with a 2hr show. They picked the girls and one was already sent home. Tyra looked a little chubby this season. At first I thought maybe it was the dress she was wearing, but she still looked the same way when she changed. They chose a girl who looks a lot like Kim from last season (short hair dykey, but beautiful. I loved Kim)

    Mark your calender Wednesday nights 8pm

    There aren’t too many of us ATNM fans out there. Its nice to know I can vent about the show to someone other than my 16yr old daughter 🙂

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