Posted by: Amanda | September 23, 2006

Looking Around

It has been cold enough the last few nights to wear my flannel nightgown, though I haven’t changed the bed covers from the light quilt to the down comforter.



  1. That’s funny. I just, tonight, removed the light quilt I have and put on the down comforter. I realized all over again that I dislike the duvet cover I have and I don’t look forward to finding a new one. I’m so, so picky and I don’t know what I like until I get it home and use it for a while. That and I’m pretty cheap! Cheap and picky don’t go well together. Sigh.

  2. A,

    we busted out our heavy down a week or so ago. I know what you mean about that weird in between time…soon enough though I’ll be glad we have it.

    Hope you are getting more time with Ben these days.


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