Posted by: Amanda | September 30, 2006

Cat on a cold roof

Last night Emily and I fell asleep on the couch.  It has been a long week.  Ben got home from his shift at work a little after midnight.  He came in and said – “Come on Mama, Let’s all go to bed.”  So we got the little one up the stairs into bed, we chatted a few minutes and both quickly fell to snoring.  About 45 minutes later I was awoken to a mewing cat.  It was loud and sounded close.  Ben woke up.  He said “That’s Cora”.  (the cat belonging toour neighbor on the left).  I sleepily said, it sounds like her.  The mewing continued without ceasing.  I got up and looked out the window to see if I could see her and if she was stuck or something.  Surprise.  The cat was sitting on the roof that is right under our bedroom window.  Ben got up and joined me.  We said is that “Cora?” she’s not as big as Cora.  We started trying to get the screen out to get to the cat.  

I looked over and our neighbor on the right was standing on her second floor patio in her nightgown.  Hi L, I said (to our neighbor on the right)  She said – that’s Barkley.  Thank you.  We struggled with the screen for a few minutes, reminding me that I have not cleaned them since we lived here.

The cat was now sitting quietly at the far edge of the roof watching these three people trying to get to him.  Eventually we got the screen off, Ben climbed out on the roof and got the cat.  At this point, the dog woke up, came in from Em’s room and the Cat hissed at the dog.  I grabbed the dog and Ben carried the Cat to the front door where the neighbor came to retrieve her cat, who promptly jumped from her arms and ran through her garage into her house.

We flopped back into the bed, decided we were both very awake and kind of hungry.  So, with Emily still asleep through all of this, the two of us and the dog traipsed back down stairs.  I made chips and cheese, checked messages and Ben played some Halo. 

By 1:30 we went back up to bed.  The alarm was set for 6 am after all.  A busy Saturday lay ahead with getting safety inspections done and transacting some business that was supposed to take place today.

We are now solidly in the 40s at night and the 60s during the days.

I am anxious for Fall , sweater and jacket weather and more red and gold in the trees.



  1. I love fall! We are about the same temps and can’t wait for the leaves to start changing colors. maybe we will get to Skyline Drive this year.

    Thanks for the post. Our students would love to see me in a wheelchair1 I am sure I
    can get an assortment of them to push me!

    Feeling better each day!

  2. I loved reading the cat story. Ever since I became a “cat person” with the arrival of Charlotte 2 months ago, I am tuned into anything about cats! IT is the funniest thing for me…

    I love this time of the year…just noticed that my fave backyard tree is quite yellow now.

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