Posted by: Amanda | October 1, 2006

God is faithful

After a week filled with worry and stress at home, high ups and downs at work – and CHOOSING to believe God would walk with us through the beginning of some tough times, (because I honestly didn’t feel it and kept telling myself that because I created the mess, God had no obligation to ‘save’ me from it) the week ended with some answered prayer.  Not miraculous outs, but some solid beginnings to walking through to stronger times.

It won’t be easy, I knew from the start going through this would make us better people more able to be used by God, but I wasn’t  (and am not )looking forward to it.  So far, its not comfortable but not as devastating as I anticipated.  It will be a long journey.

And so it begins.  And I MUST remain faithful to Acknowledge HIM in all my decisions and actions.  For He is always faithful in caring for and loving me.

And again, I count my blessings for the wonderful husband, friend, lover and partner that God gave me.  For as I know I am not alone in walking through the hard times as Christ walks with me, it is also very comforting to know that on earth I do not walk alone either.  These will be times that we will look back on in our old age and remember the mistakes, the difficulties,  the working hand in hand,and the forgiveness.

Though these days I have to walk in front of me require changes in my heart and in my life and so don’t feel minor to me, I have so many blessings and in the scope of things, these are minor.

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