Posted by: Amanda | October 1, 2006


Today is a good day.

We have been attending this small church down the road a bit.  Everyone has been very friendly – remembering us and greeting us and making sure we know where we are going.  We have received two letters in the mail welcoming us and last night, a lady from the church called us to remind us that the Children’s Choir started this morning and how much she was hoping Em would be able to participate.  She noted that she had seen Em and her friend A “scampering” across the fellowship hall during the children’s sermon, but had not had a chance to talk with them.  She also mentioned that she had seen us twice at services (which recognizes that we were not at services last week, but didn’t point it out as a “we missed you = where were you message – we left after sunday school lastweek but she wouldn’t have known that).  Her call was so genuine and tender, it meant more than she will ever know.

Em will be participating in the children’s choir, and she sent a tape home for one of the songs they will be doing on Veterans day in November so Em can practice.  I don’t have a tape player but will find a way to get this converted or get a cheap one.  So thoughtful, true caring – not a ‘program’ caring.  I am inspired to be like this woman.

We went to the Pastor’s Sunday school class for the second week, and they asked if we were still going to be visiting different classes or would attend this one.  How did this one person know we had attended others?  Did we share that – maybe – but even then remembering.  And not in an unwelcoming, gossip, small town wary of newcomers kind of way.  Everything is GENUINE it is striking.

Dr. J, the Pastor is smart, a bit goofy, (Em’ says he is a Kid person), you can tell he truly studies what he is teaching and looks at his own life.  He is not polished, doesn’t seem to be a lot further in his walk with God than most of his parishioners.  But I like him.  Even when he says or does something I wouldn’t think is appropriate – I like him.  Again, if there is one word I would use to describe each and every person (well except one, but even he was sincere in his obnoxiousness) – is GENUINE.  There seems to be no, putting the best foot forward here.  Am I jaded from the last year at this very UPPER class- appearance is everything church that this one seems so intensely real.  Or is it a class thing, and I am finally in ‘my own sphere’.

Or is it just that this is where God wants us.

Anyway – this church feels like a home.  The study and the preaching is such that it challenges me without it having to be perfect or outstanding.  The people, their love shines and despite the fact most of them are significantly older – I feel I belong.  I feel I have something to contribute and will be allowed to, but also that I will be cared for.  And Emily has already been embraced and cared for.

Because of Ms.C’s call last night, my friend and I took our girls directly to the choir room.  The sunday school teacher actually popped her head into our sunday school class to see where the girls were since they weren’t in sunday school.    Week #4 at this church and their absence for 10 minutes is noted, missed, and effort made to make sure they don’t get left behind when moving to another room. 

I tell you, it is the little, honest, caring that is really getting to me in this church.  I knew it was what I was missing in the larger one, but I didn’t know how thirsty my soul was for it and how refreshed and loved I would feel.

So, after service my friend and I took the girls to Arthur Treachers for lunch.  West Coast readers, think H.Salt Fish and Chips.  It was SOOO good.  Yum Yum.  And a good time talking with a good friend, who stayed to visit a while at our house when she gave us a ride home.  The girls went upstairs and played and giggled and shrieked while we talked.

Again I tell you – so many blessings in my life.  This friend is one I count frequently as a blessing.

We are home to naps, dishes, laundry and some organizing tasks.

Its a good day.


  1. This is sweet, A. I’m glad you feel welcomed into a church community. It makes all the difference. My own is quite quirky, it took us a long time to feel a part of things, but it has decreased my own sense of loneliness very much.

    I remember Arthur Treacher’s. Years ago they were out here. Man, fish and chips sounds good right now.


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