Posted by: Amanda | October 7, 2006


  • Hints of possible good things for me at work in the near future.  My projects remain the same.
  • Still some difficult things to work through at home, but Ben and I are tackling them together and the choices we have had to make so far haven’t turned out to be painful yet.
  • Cold and rainy mornings, hot cocoa and cinnamon toast – good things all.
  • Em’s game cancelled for today, rescheduled for after church tomorrow.
  • This week, I volunteered to help with organization of Operation Christmas Child at church and to do the scholastic book orders for Em’s teacher for the year.  Teacher took me up on it, but don’t know if she will take me up on the all do everything except spend the points offer I made.  Haven’t heard back from the lady at church.  Ben cautioned me not to over extend myself.
  • Emily really likes her spelling homework.
  • This week I scheduled Em’s dentist appointment, the mammogram for myself that the doctor ordered last spring, and a follow up appt with my doctor to discuss my prescription decongestants and this recent knee problem (which is better, but not healed).
  • Em is nagging me to be done so she can do her “project” which she has 3 toilet paper rolls and colored pencils in her hands; she wants me to do my scrapbooking so she can snag supplies.


  1. I’m sorry about the continuing knee issue.`Regarding your other post, we have 2 dictionaries: the Scholastic First Dictionary and “The Best Dictionary for Students” published by “” Justin’s 3rd grade teacher gave him that one. I mentioned your dictionary issue to Justin and it has since resulted us debating which of our dictionaries is better. Through the use of a stopwatch, we learned that it is a bit quicker to find things in the Scholastic dictionary (about 3 seconds faster on average). Each dictionary has words that the other does not have (Scholastic doesn’t have mermaid, for example). Justin has more enthusaiasm for dictionaries that I previously realized. 😉

  2. KrisAnne,

    We have been very happy with our Scholastic First Dictionary. Glad to hear Justin still finds use for it. I thought we would likely outgrow it. Your story made me smile so. That is so cool. Tell Justin thanks :0)

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