Posted by: Amanda | October 24, 2006

Cold Weather heating up Winter Schedule

I love the cold.  I don’t turn on the heat in my house, even though its 30 degrees outside because I love wearing slippers and warm PJs and covering up in blankets.  When my nose gets cold, then I turn on the heat — but not too much.  I love blankets, so I love getting cozy warm underneath them.

Fall is finally, really here.  Thinking about that and Em’s comments below – I thought I would lay out our schedule, for me and for you to see the crazy lovely wonderful fullness that I will be lamenting in weeks to come.

Today is Oct 24

  •  10/25  Cheer practice

  • 10/27 – Em’s school project on ladybugs is due

  • 10/27 – Em has a Karate party to attend with a friend who we can’t quite figure out – but we know where to go.

  • 10/28 – Emily’s Halloween party at our house

  • 10/28 – Final football game of the Season that Em’s squad cheers for.  If the team wins -we go to play offs.  If they lose and Chantilly loses – we have a tie breaker game for play offs

  • 10/29 Family Fall Fest at Church

  • 10/30 possible tie breaker game

  • 10/31 Halloween

  • 11/1 play offs

  • 11/4  – Emily begins Diving lessons (as in swim)

  • 11/6 Parent Teacher Conference

  • 11/6 Dentist Appt for Em

  • 11/7 My First Mammogram

  • 11/7 Dr. Appt in the afternoon

  • 11/8 Cheer practice

  • 11/10 cheer practice

  • 11/11 Diving lesson

  • 11/11 Pick Mom/Grandma up at the airport

  • 11/12 Sunday School Spectacular – Emily performs

  • 11/14 Ben’s Birthday – “On the Border” for dinner

  • 11/15  Cheer End of Year Party at Red Robin

  • 11/16 School Thanksgiving Lunch

  • 11/18 Diving Lesson

  • 11/18 Cheer practice

  • 11/19 Performance Day for Cheer

  • 11/23 – Hoping Brother comes for Thanksgiving

  • 12/2 Diving

  • 12/10 Greening of the Sanctuary

  • 12/16 Christmas Musical Full rehersal

  • 12/16 Church Children’s Christmas Party

  • 12/17 Children’s Christmas Musical at Church

  • 12/25 Christmas!

  • 12/26 Friends arrive in town from San Diego!!

  • 12/26-Jan 2 – No School


  1. Oh, I wish I had your fortitude! It’s unusually warm in CA for this time of year, but it will be cold in the mountains soon enough; heating costs will soon be rising, though we burn as much as we can.

    For me, 64 is cold in the house!


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