Posted by: Amanda | October 25, 2006

Three Things Thursday (early edition)

My three favorite halloween costumes that I have ever worn:

  • Bunny Rabbit Pajamas in 2nd grade
  • A hobo costume – first and last homemade costume – and the last year I ever trick or treated in 6th grade (also the first and last time I ever trick or treated in Rosmoor).
  • A pirate’s wench costume I wore to a party (at Romy’s) when I was 15 – dangly light up earings and fishnet stockings, I thought I was attractive – LOL.

Worst Costumes I hated

  • A baby costume (baby doll night gown and carried a bottle) that I borrowed at my cousins house one year – somewhere around 9 or 10 yrs old
  • A borrowed raggedy Ann costume when I was 16 and I had a party at my house.  The wig was yellow – not red!  There was so much drama at that party – someone got in a car accident on the way there – someone wasn’t speaking to someone else – I don’t really remember but I spent the night moving between one set of friends to another trying to be little Ms. Counselor.  I can’t figure out why the memories were all school friends, no church friends.  But still – hated that stupid fat girl costume with the wig that didn’t even match.
  • One year I worked in an office that made a big deal about dressing up – I didn’t have a costume and people were pressuring me so I had a stupid idea to wear a formal gown from my sisters wedding and be a bridesmaid.  No one else dressed up and I called Ben and he brought me a change of clothes.

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