Posted by: Amanda | November 2, 2006

Three Things Thursday- Sheila’s Theme

Three things I do to cheer myself up:

  1. Take a bubble bath – there is nothing like it.
  2. Eat out at a restaurant.  I enjoy being served food.
  3. If I am not so low that I don’t want to see anyone (in which case, I go to #1 or IM Gwen which does cheer me up but I do it usually to wallow in it – she is that good a friend.), then I either go shopping or find a friend to hang out with – either shopping, or #2  usually.

I haven’t done this, but I am discovering that taking the dog for a walk – by myself! – has healing properties as well.

More than three.  I know. 


  1. i love them all.

  2. Oh….I am honored! Even after my sly comment below you still love me!!!

    I have to say the bubble bath thing works wonders! I can see how the dog walking thing would work too!

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