Posted by: Amanda | November 23, 2006

To Gwen- The Notebook

I watched your movie.  It was an ok movie, but the story line is HORRID! HORRIBLE! AWFUL!  THe worst ever!

He falls in love, loses her, finds her to confirm he lost her, she shows up again they rekindle and she leaves – she comes back – cut out 40 years of life together, to the end where HE LOSES HER AGAIN EVERY SINGLE DAY!?!

Awful, I tell you.  Terrible.


Always your friend,



  1. Oooooo! I loved that movie!

  2. I’m heartbroken!!!!!! You, my dear friend were so honest about how you felt about this movie!!! LOL!!!! Seriously…come on they had a wonderful life together!!! It was so romantic! They go away together in the end!!! COME ON!!!!!!!!!

    I love you for watching it!!!!!!!

  3. Just still shocked about how different our taste in movies are and yet we love each other the way we do!! I couldn’t help but come back and say it again……….

    COME ON….don’t you love crying during movies???

    You know you loved it! You know you did!!! It was wonderful…the storyline is not horrible! It was a love like no other!

    So…you understand if you ever see another movie that is similiar and you hate it…tell me I will most likely find it oh so romantic and watch it over and over again!

    Okay…I’ll shut up now…I can’t believe you finally watched it ! I told you I was a sappy, hopeless romantic! Then again I think you already knew that about me too! This is so funny!

    Always your friend too,


  4. Okay…last time I promise…I’m just being silly…but…

    I bet your mom loved it huh???? Someone in your house has to agree with me! I see Cindee has the right idea!!!!

    Crying is good for the soul!

    I love you and I can’t help but mess with you I’m just so excited you watched it. I bet it will be no time at all before you watch another movie per my recommendation!!! LOL!!!!!

    So…what did you think if Titanic??? LOL!!!! Seriously I will stop hyjacking your blog now! I haven’t read any other post because I found this one so amusing!

    BTW…I got your emails and will respond but probably not until Monday! Oh and…maybe you should watch it again perhaps it didn’t soak in right the first time!!!! (LOL…even Mike said it was good and you know the two of you agree more than the two of us!!! Although since you didn’t say anything about Ben I’m gathering he is not on my side for this one!!! 😉


  5. I am smiling ear to ear at your response. My mom and I have been waiting till your thanksgiving and shopping feasts were done!

    I don’t think we have all that different taste in movies over all, I really liked another of your favs, Just Like Heaven. And in general, I love sappy crying chick flicks.

    I was telling my friend Joan at work about this movie and why I watched it and I said – Gwen loved it, and I can tell you how she saw it – it was a lifelong love, he loved her with a passion that nothing could diminish – and the dude who sits next to my friend piped in that he loved this movie and how it touched him because of exactly that (Joan hadn’t seen it).

    But my point is this – they might have had a wonderful life – but you don’t see that – all you see is the pain! His love caused him great and repeated pain!

    My mom wants you to know that I cried through the whole movie. My mom enjoyed the movie.
    She likes James Garner and Gina Rollins, which I do to. And I don’t deny crying. If I hadn’t cried, I wouldn’t have howled – horrible!, terrible! (and come on, Gwen – it did drag a little).

    Ben did not see the movie – he was at work.

    We watched the Pacifier right after – it just came on, we had seen it many times, but my mom hadn’t and she liked that too –
    Do you like the Pacifier? I bet Mike does! LOL
    For the record – I LOVED Titanic.

    Also, the one Nicholas Sparks book that I absolutely adored, and the movie was pretty good too was the Horse Whisperer.

    I also generally liked (not loved) the Lake House. I really liked Must Love Dogs and Serendipity – but one of my fav romances is Gross Pointe Blank.

    But then, I have a thing for John Cusack (and I never say Say Anything)

    So….. What say you now, girlfriend 🙂

  6. LOL – this is funny! I have been waiting for Amanda to watch that movie, because I just had a feeling that she wouldn’t like it…yes really! I didn’t like it…the overdone romantic stuff just made me laugh. I guess I am lacking in being a romantic or something…funny because other stuff can make me cry so easily. Comment on Titantic…it was way too much for me. After I saw it, I couldn’t sleep and felt upset for days. So I can be quite sensitive…just not over The Notebook for some reason.

  7. Oh KrisAnne…BAH HUMBUG!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!

    Where is the romance in your soul?

    You know I still love ya and I’m just kidding with you! 😉

    But oh you both have to admit Ryan Gosling is adorable!!! I love that smile! (He played Noah if you are not aware LOL!!!)

  8. Yes, he was cute. I really had no clue what his name was til you just told me. Now the girl…oh my, she was too dramatic. Maybe she was the problem…if she wasn’t in it, it might have been okay. LOL – I need to watch the movie again now that I’ve read this discussion!

  9. Oh I thought she was good too! What can I say??? It was a dramatic movie! LOL!!!!!!!

    Yes watch it again…you will fall in love…of course I have a copy if you need since I doubt it is on your shelf!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!! Oh…sorry I can’t part with it! 😉

  10. you two are cracking me up. Once again, I wish we were closer, this would call for a girls night to watch (and heckle?) the movie – complete with yummy deserts.

  11. Gwen, you are too funny. Love your line “you will fall in love.” Drew would be soooo annoyed if I made him watch it again, so I’ll have to do it during the day when the house is empty!!!

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