Posted by: Amanda | November 26, 2006

Rambling on Reading

I finished Water for Elephants tonight.  I had anticipated the circus story to be setting or background to the primary story of the characters and actually it was the other way around.

I will probably read ahead in the book Em and I are reading together – L’engle’s  Many Waters.  As the last in the Wrinkle in Time series, the first couple chapters seem that it might be a bit more adult in subject matter and I want to be able to skip where not age appropriate.  Plus it is pretty good and I am more anxious than our chapter a night pace together.

I want to read both of Barack Obama’s books, as the dreams of my father has been on my tbr list forever, but it seems since he acknowledged considering candidacy for the president, the rest of fairfax county also wants one of the libraries copies.  I have looked at Audacity of Hope at Costco, but can’t bring myself to pay for hardcover books.  I don’t read books more than once.

The phantom toll booth was a big hit a few months ago, so I am on the hunt for more fantasy books for our bedtime reading.  Would like to find more in the 8-12 year range than the YA I keep finding.  I know Ursula LeGuin wrote children’s stuff but what I keep picking up looks pretty harsh.  Title recomendations are very welcome.  She is absolutely bored out of her mind by humor and kid driven stories such as Amelia Bedelia, Gooney Bird Greene (we don’t do Junie B), Little House, Boxcar children.  Even though Narnia is fantasy she doesn’t seem interested at all – not really even in the movie.

She likes the rainbow fairy books but their isn’t a whole lot of meat to them, so I am hoping she will reach that level soon as independant reading and we wont take up our reading time together with those.

She did request that I read an entire chapter of Many Waters in a scottish accent the other night.  I obliged and I can’t believe we didn’t end up laughing hysterically.  Accents aren’t my thing 🙂


  1. Just curious why you won’t do Junie B? Is it because she doesn’t like it or do you feel something is wrong with the books themselves? Just curious because the teacher reads them aloud in Cayman’s class.

  2. I gotta say, this business about Obama being a serious 2008 candidate is all a fantasy. Perhaps VP, but there is 0 chance he is our next pres. All this talk is for his book and for the media to sell newspapers (or get viewers)…

  3. The Phantom Toll Booth is still Courtney’s favorite book and she is 16!!

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