Posted by: Amanda | November 30, 2006


I am in a nice place to be…for a moment.

I was offered a promotion today that I applied for some months ago and for various reasons believed I would not be selected for.  It is a pretty plum job working for a very well respected and professional executive.  There is some ambiguity about the initial work assignments, but I excel in flexible and changing work assignments.

That is nice enough, but along with the job offer, came an expression of value.  The executive I currently work for who I respect immensely and have enjoyed working for, expressed a desire to have me stay.  Due to some limitations, the second offer made can’t compete  right now, and my current department was very above board and honest about what they hope vs. what can be guaranteed at this point.

I asked to think about it till Monday, mostly out of respect for the kind way I was treated and to honestly consider the counter offer.  But also a little bit because, while I know what the new job IS, I don’t know the exact initial assignments.  I made one phone call to see if it might be toward working with another exec I have worked with, and while that person confessed to giving me a positive recommendation, the work assignment would not be in that department. 

But after talking with my family and thinking about it, I can’t get past the good old fashioned “grandmother” advice: A bird in the hand is better than two in the bush.  While I respect who I work for now, the job I was offered is a really good one, working for/with someone I would love to learn from as well.  And it is permanent now.

I won’t wait till Monday, just to basque in the glow of more than one place wanting me, I will accept the promotion.

But it was a nice place to be, for a few minutes.

Deep Breath, more change in store for me. Thanks be to God, we can definately use the money too. 


  1. CONGRATULATIONS! That is fantastic!

  2. Believe me, take the new job. You have earned it! (And let me know where you’re going to be!)

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