Posted by: Amanda | December 9, 2006

Diving Update

Lesson 4:  Back fall dive.

 This week she really got it.  She has loved it from the first dive, but this week she really got what coach was teaching.  Emily did some very beautiful back dives from the 3 ft springboard.

This lesson looked like so much fun from where I sit up in the 2nd floor bleachers.  The started by sliding from the side of the pool off mats head first on their backs.  The goal was to keep you body so straight and tight that coach could hold you by your ankle (with the mats tipped but supporting you) and when she let go you go straight into the water. 

The ultimate slip n slide.

Then they did the same thing off the diving boards.  Somehow that translated for the kids and then they “did it standing up” with Coach their to make sure their backs were properly arched.  When that was good, coach sent them to the next board to do it on their own.

Emily quickly mastered each stage.

For the first time, her dives were actually pretty.

Hopefully next week I will have photos. 


  1. Very cool Emily!!!!!! Way to Go!

    On a sidenote…I’m feeling so lost! I can’t post to my blog because something is wrong with this darn blogger beta thing! If it doesn’t get fixed soon I may have to start a new blog! UGGH!

  2. Nice design! kabababrubarta

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