Posted by: Amanda | December 16, 2006

Seasonal Lists

Accomplished today

  • Child to Christmas Musical rehearsal – on time
  • Pet Smart for dog food and doggie Christmas presents
  • Walmart – tights, soda, teacher gifts and some spotted gifts from next weeks list
  • Video store for AirBuds
  • Lunch with hubby at Panera
  • Diving – one time – and with video recorded
  • paid phone bill
  • ordered in laws Christmas gifts to be delivered
  • diving photos and circus photos uploaded and ordered
  • girl’ lunch account “funded” online
  • gift cards for the after school care workers

Not Accomplished

  • Christmas Cards – I give up.  Next year….
  • six presents to wrap for xchage on Monday
  • figure out how to view, upload video from palmcorder
  • make menu and grocery list for meals, christmas week
  • move christmas presents from under blanket in garage
  • buy box cards to put gift cards in.
  • watch Being Julia
  • return Blue Shoes and happiness to the library.

 A side note, Zoe the dog was left alone in the house for the first time with presents under the tree and she didn’ t bother them.   I was fairly confident though that she understood because during the week when we were throwing the kong ball and it rolled under the tree.  The good dog stopped her fast run in front of the tree and stopped and looked at us a glare that said – well I can’t go there so you better go get it!

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