Posted by: Amanda | December 26, 2006

Blog Year in Review

We’ve done something like this before, but here is the first line of the first post of the month for each of the twelve months in 2006.

Along with the 2005 theme of things discontinued or suspended, sometime after we arrived in Virginia, I stopped recording the books I was reading.  Four jobs you’ve had in your life: Three Things from Three Years Ago.  The dog has taken to routinely sleeping on the foot of Emily’s bed, instead of on the scooby doo sleeping bag on the floor of our room.  I have a meeting at the school on Friday with one of Em’s teachers. I came seriously close to quitting my job 3 times today.  Well, we are here in Placerville.   The earliest summer memories I have must be from the summer before or after first grade it seems to me – one is wearing a brown patterned two piece bathing suit that I remember loving because it had two wooden rings, creating a cut out on the leg opening.  Did I record this:  Ben is on 12 hour shifts and has no days off because of the elevated security status for the anniversary of 9/11.  After a week filled with worry and stress at home, high ups and downs at work – and CHOOSING to believe God would walk with us through the beginning of some tough times, (because I honestly didn’t feel it and kept telling myself that because I created the mess, God had no obligation to ’save’ me from it) the week ended with some answered prayer.  Well, sort ofAlmost (or Failed) Christmas Card Photos.

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