Posted by: Amanda | January 27, 2007

We had our Sunday School Class’s annual holiday party tonight.  Another woman who I really like and I organized a pasta dinner in the fellowship hall.  Nothing fancy – some costco lasagna, some salad and garlic bread.  A casual time just to visit and get to know each other a bit.  Not everyone came; I think it went well.  We did sort of throw it together – mostly my fault. But I enjoyed it.  Ben was expecting something different.  More intimate, I guess.  We are thinking we want to get together with another couple and have a pizza night at our house and try and kick of a couple’s bible study this other couple is wanting to see get started.

I came home really tired.  Went to bed.  Can’t sleep.  I am pretty sure I am running a fever.

We might get snow tonight:

Here are some photos from last Sunday – our first and only snow of the season so far – it wasn’t much:

My mom bought this coat for Emily on Saturday because there was a sale at Burlington on our way home from diving.  So cute in pink Camoflauge


Zoe really does love the snow. Here she is watching the kids and wishing oh so much she could get out there with them. We did take her for a good romp in the snow at the soccer fields behind our development, while checking out the prospect of some more serious hill sledding.

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