Posted by: Amanda | February 7, 2007

The way my life works

My mom went back to California today.  It’s snowing now (midnight) – no way there will be school tomorrow.  I have been on my new job for a month and already taken two sick days last week.  Guess what I will be doing tomorrow….

Mom, we miss you already and not just because of snow days.  The house feels quiet. 

(don’t worry friends, she will be back in March – when snow season is over.)


  1. So is it indeed a snow day there? Your mom gets to escape to warm weather for a few weeks…lucky her! Although I know she must miss you when she’s not there.

  2. Snow Day??? What the heck is that? LOL!!!!! You know where I live I don’t have to explain that WE GET NO SNOW HERE!!! ;( LOL!!!!!!

    Okay…yes I know every year I whine about this so you would think…MOVE ALREADY RIGHT? No can do I’m too ingrained here! LOL!!!

    Just being goofy!

  3. I’m with you, Gwen:

    Snow Day??? What the heck is that?

    In three winters living here now, we haven’t had one yet.

    And yet, there is no lack of snow. I’m feeling a little ripped off.

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