Posted by: Amanda | February 16, 2007

small details

Em and I both got hair cut today.

I shovelled the walk.

I have a “date” to IM with my brother at 8 pm

My husband is upset because when he picked me up at work today he overheard a female coworker call me “luv”.

Emily is wearing her ballet shoes because they make for good cartwheels on th wood floor.

Three people seriously asked me today if I liked my new position, including my new boss who I hadn’t spoken to since the first week of January when I reported.  I am pleased that I could honestly tell each of them that I like it a lot.

My  neck and arm hurt from breaking up the ice on the walk with the pick/shovel.  I think I might not have been doing it “right”.

I want to curl up in bed and read Exile which is getting really good after a slow start.

My mom comes back to live with us permanently on Feb 28.  Her car should arrive 10 days after that and her furniture four days later.  The K9 and the police vehicle arrive on Tuesday the 20th.  Ben reports to training March 5.  By March 15, our home, our schedule, our lives will be very different than they are today.

I still haven’t bought air tickets for Em’s trip or our trip the following week to Placerville.  I have paid for one week of summer camp.

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