Posted by: Amanda | February 18, 2007

In less than an hour, Emily goes to her friends house for a sleep over.  Tomorrow, our cheer squad meets up for ice skating.  After ice skating, Ben, Em and I are going shopping for some supplies Ben needs for the academy and maybea movie.  A fun weekend overall.

Church was good.  A meaty sunday school, more and more comfortable with new friends. Ben even circulated without me during the fellowship (coffee) hour after service. (If you have known Ben a long time itmight surprise you that he is shy in new social situations, because once he knows you, he is crazy funny – but in the beginning he sticks very close by my side).

We stopped on the way home from church at a little pizza/pasta/sub place. (Ledo’s)  Has booths inside so it has the feel of a restaurant, but the prices of fast food and it wasn’t bad.  An extremely varied menu means we will likely visit again.  Might even become a family favorite.  Quick service too.

Emily slipped on the ice getting out of the truck today when we got home.  She hurt her thumb and palm of her hand, cried and was startled,but is 100% beter now

Emily is counting the minutes till our friends come to pick her up.  I am going to get some laundry done before she leaves, but once I am on my own for the evening – no more chores!  I am curling up with my book!

If you think of it, pray for our pastor who announced in service today that he is having his prostate examined or cancer tomorrow at 10:15. 


  1. Sounds like you had fun today between church and eating out. I had a great time at church today as well, and fellowship afterwards too! Glad you had a refreshing Sunday.

  2. Hey there! I forgot to say in my personal email that I knew Ben was looking into something different at work but didn’t know it required academy etc. Email me about it!

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