Posted by: Amanda | February 24, 2007

A New Experience

I got my first ever speeding ticket today.


  1. Wow…first ever???? That is pretty impressive! Umm…given your husband’s job can’t that be ummm well how do I put that…taken care of??

  2. Great for you! Wait (giggling) that sounds funny, I meant great for you that it was your first one!

  3. Did you cry? I think I would.

  4. I didn’t cry, I did do a lot of “oh man’s”. I knew I was very very guilty. It is a myth that cops can “fix” tickets after the fact. They can’t. But, there is a certain professional privelege – they tend not to give tickets to each other. This officer saw briefly a glimpse at Bens police placard, I think it might have lessened my offense to just a speeding ticket and a tiny lecture on the leading causes of accidents. I was doing 61 in a 35 (major street, had no idea it was only a 35 zone) and I ran a red light.

    And, it is my first speeding ticket EVER, only my second ticket in life (first one was crossing the solid line of the carpool lane where the 405 and 605 join and then had to get off at 7th street (the opening is very small and very close to the exit and you have to cross six lanes of traffic in rush hour). It was a long time ago when the carpool lane was new and before they set the fine at somewhere around $500. I went to traffic school.

    And my avoidance of tickets before didn’t have anything to do with being the wife of a law enforcement officer – I wasn’t 🙂 I drive fast, but I stay in my lane and mind my own business.

    I have been driving decidedly slower since getting the ticket.

  5. Well I know here that sometimes they can contact each other and the officer that issued the ticket can get rid of it before it is turned in. Mike knew an officer through the fire dept. and he did that for Mike once! LOL!!!!! I was thinking maybe you could do that ! What usually happens for Mike is they see his fire dept. sticker on the truck and just give him a warning. I’m surprised he didn’t do that for you but maybe because you were going so fast!!!! HAHA!!!!!!!

    I’m glad you have slowed down! LOL!!!!

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