Posted by: Amanda | March 31, 2007

Virginia Festival of the book – the overview

On March 22-23, 2007 I did something I have never done before.  I went off by myself for something  only I wanted to do.  I have not had two solid days alone since before Emily arrived and I have never taken a mini vacaton alone.  I went to the Virginia Festival of the Book, in Charlottesville, Virginia which is about 1 1/2 hours down Hwy 29 from where I live in Northern Virginia.

I have about 12 posts from my two days, notes safely collected in my Franklin day planner :), but upon my arrival home from this respite, my personal and family life was in upheavel (see posts below) and I have had little time and no emotional energy to write or post.

So here is the overview – the books I got!

Charlottesville is the quintessential college town and the downtown area where most of the festival took place is very quaint.  I heard panels of authors in local and major chain bookstores. I discovered the gravity lounge, and spent hours in dusty old maze like book stores. (more details to follow)

So here are the books I got (if the links aren’t all in check back!) I put them in categories of how I got them

Books where I heard the author read and loved them so much and got a personally autographed copy:

Easter Everywhere  (panel on Memoirs)

This I believe – the NPR series (authors from the series)

The Secret Life (panel on what makes a book discussable)

The unfinished History of Cypress Parish (panel on disaster books)

and the one where the book is really good (reading it right now) but I was most captivated by the author Marisa de los Santos Love Walked In

I had not previously known any of these authors

New Books that I purchashed:

The Year of Magical Thinking

Pomegranate Soup

The Portable Seminay

Used books that had been on my radar but were a good price:

The Mother Dance (I might actually have already read this one)]

The Known World

The Portable Graham Greene

The Bean Trees

The Persian Pickle Club (I might already have read this one too)

Used books that I never heard of but picked up while browsing just because of the title or the cover (what a joy!)

Not the End of the World

Colleges that change lives

Fifth Business

Chinese Take out

Books I bought to bring back to Em and my Mom

The Random House illustrated collection of classic children’s stories (used – gravity lounge)

The Cat in the Hat Comes Back (new – Barnes and noble)

Mac for Dummies (new- Barnes and Noble)


  1. Oh, that must have been really really nice to get away on your own like that…your own lovely little adventure. I have always wanted to go to Charlottesville…really, quite a few areas of VA intrigue me. Probably all these “Walton’s” episodes I watch. 😉

  2. I’m glad you got some time away to yourself!

  3. Oooh, The Bean Trees…love that one.

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