Posted by: Amanda | April 4, 2007


  • While Ben was gone, Rex repeatedly went to where Ben’s badge hangs in the hallway and sniffed at it.
  • Last night, Rex went out the doggy door, then stuck his head back through reached up to grap the flap with is mouth and held the flap open for Zoe to go through.
  • After that chivalrous event, when the household was down for the night and I let Rex out for one more pee before bed, he went to the corner of the back yard, moved the soccer ball and promptly tattled on Zoe by bringing the baggy of cinamon loaf cake she had stolen off the counter during the day while Rex was at work, and then dropped it at my feet.

Rex      Zoe


  1. That’s so funny! A tattling dog! HA!

  2. Very.

    We are going tomorrow to look at a puppy – a black English Lab.

    I am a little nervous – the responsibility, dirt, fur, chewing…and yet I think a dog could be a gift to our family.

    Are you going to post a picture of Rex?

  3. Alison – dogs are very worth the responsibiity,dirt,fur and chewing. They lay on your feet on a cold winters night, lick your nose after you cry, follow you from room to room just so you know they are there. Watching kids become best friends with the dog – priceless. Good luck meeting your pup.

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