Posted by: Amanda | April 10, 2007


Nice decorative detail – and  she looks so smart!  (can you tell they are purple?)

She wasn’t cooperating or happy about the picture tain thus the “frozen grit” smile and the hair in the face.  I got it by telling her if she smiled I would get out of th way and she could go on watching “Happy Feet”.

(she had already read 1 chapter from the Magic Tree House book – Dolphins at Dawn  -sans lenses- so proud!)


  1. Oh…she looks adorable!!!!!!! I love them!

  2. VERY cute! Nice looking frames too. My first glasses were in 3rd grade and were bulky plastic things…I’m so glad that they make these much more attractive ones now.

  3. Very Cute. I love that she had no time for the photo shoot.

  4. Erg, i couldn’t get the pics to load on my computer…i’ll have to check back in later to see the pics…

  5. So so so cute! love the little bead-like detail on the sides

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