Posted by: Amanda | May 2, 2007

School News

We had a good meeting at Em’s school today.  We went over some test results that we got earlier in the week.  Em continues to have some reading issues and we were trying to identify why.  What we found out is that she is very smart(high IQ) – strengths in spatial orientation and reasoning, everything works as it should and is strong in memory and processing.  Very strong in math.  Reading is on the low average.  So, we don’t know why – but we know she is smart and has no learning ability issues.

I put in a request for next years placement to be with a teacher whose classroom management style is flexible, warm, and recognition oriented. (the exact opposite of what I needed as a student – challenging – structured – acheivement oriented)

Lots of support from the school in recognizing that while this year’s teacher is excellent, it wasn’t a great match and that may have contributed to some of what we experienced (but not the reading issue).

It seems like they are going to tell me “officially” that I should keep working with her on “chunking” words, or blends, keep doing all the things we do with reading at home and that is all there is.  Maybe get a reading specialist tutor (but she has worked with three reading specialists over two years, and she is still just at the bare minimum of on grade level).

 I need to do some reading on perfectionism in children and how to prevent it from becoming a self esteem issue.

And although I don’t have any answers on why she isn’t yet reading independantly, I feel good about how the testing was handled and the information we got.  There is always the possibility it will all click when she is ready and that is good.

We are deffinately doing hooked on phonics again this summer.  Because even though this school district is pretty anti phonics, the fact is that when Em can’t read a word she tries to sound it out and stumbles.  The second grade HOP is all about chunking and most of it was the spelling words she has right now, so it can only help strengthen and review – and I have got it.

I hope that next year I will look back and be able to laugh at what a big deal this felt like and how its all just that kids learn at their own speed and a lot of what happens in elementary these days is not exactly age appropriate for the full spectrum of kids.


  1. I’m happy to hear that the meeting was good! The school year is winding down…hopefully E will be on to a better classroom match for her.

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