Posted by: Amanda | May 17, 2007

Three (or Seven) things Thursday

  • I might be beginning a new assignment at work soon.
  • I played Mancala with my daughter for over an hour tonight before I realized she probably had homework to finish
  • I am inordinately excited about the fact that we ALL (dogs included) are going to Fairy Stone State Park, in a cabin with no TV, for my birthday/memorial day weekend
  • I have a new friend from church who emails me at work, and I love it!
  • My Pastor stopped me in the hall between Sunday School and church last Sunday and said “You are wonderful” and gave me a big hug.  I still don’t know why.
  • I like red onions on pizza and don’t understand why major chains don’t have red onion
  • Cheerleading starts again in August and we are starting to plan a pre-season pool party.  I love the community around childhood sports.


  1. Oh! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Mancala!!!! J’s teacher did her Peace Corps stint in Sierra Leone and ever since she gets her students to make their own Mancala games with dried clay “stones.”

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