Posted by: Amanda | May 20, 2007

Weekend gone a wry

This weekend was going to be fairly sane.  A couple chores, getting ready for next weekend, a tastefully simple party, diving lessons, church.

We woke up Saturday morning to calls from Texas that my mom’s best friend who had just been released from the hospital was going back in and her daughter needed my mom’s help.  We spent the morning making travel arrangements.  The party missed, I went with Ben and Emily to diving.  Em is in the intermediate class now and while she still has work to do to master the basics, she is enjoying the challenge and variety of working on some of the combination dives.  She was paying attention, but seemed cold and a bit distracted in a distant sort of way.   We had planned a subsequent hair cut and going to see Shrek III, and a trip to Walmart.  After diving she is often tired and hungry; she asked to stop at Wendy’s.  She didn’t eat much, I encouraged her to finish her lunch.  As we got up to leave, Emily had seriously projectile vomiting of pink (two cups of Hi-C “punch”) chunky stuff.  All over the floor in the middle of Wendy’s all over her face and clothes and hair.   I sat her down to get napkins to clean her up and as we moved toward the trash can it came again and as we dashed for the bathroom, she covered the hallway again in pink and my shoes and pants as well this time as I was holding her as we walked.

Ben had been in the men’s room through all of this, and when he came out and saw what had happened he helped and got us in the car.  We headed home for a shower to get all of it out of her very long hair.  And then rested for the rest of the day.

She hadn’t had any more episodes, but also hadn’t had anything else to eat.  When she didn’t wake up till almost 10 am, we didn’t wake her and therefore did not make it to church.  Luckily, we have had only one more episode of ‘queasiness’ and no more vomiting.  We did venture out for that haircut – which looks adorable, – a chin length bob that will avoid the daily screaming matches as we brushed her hair.  I will try to have a photo up soon.

So my mom is in Texas, don’t know when she will be back – a few weeks maybe.  And we are hanging out on the couch avoiding the counters and tables that really needs some decluttering.  And I have to find a babysitter for Em for tomorrow night while Ben and I go to the Bible Study.


  1. Sitting here, letting my kids play late because I feel tired and slightly squashed I am totally feeling your weekend.

    This morning I told Paul, “We have GOT to have a Sunday night curfew!”

    The counters will be there. Your weekend sounded arduous, but your time was well spent.

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